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Top Agent FAQs

  • What are the DBL Rates?

    Our monthly DBL rates, for groups of 1-49 lives are:
    $1.30 per male and $2.80 per female
    Groups > 50 lives are individually underwritten. Contact us for a quick quote.

  • Where do I obtain an updated posting notice (DB120) for my client?

    An updated posting notice is available on our website. You can instantly download/print the most current version by clicking here.

  • Where can I get a copy of my client's DBL policy?

    You can download/print an instant copy by registering on our website. If you are already registered you can obtain a copy of the policy now by clicking here. Otherwise, click here to register.

  • Do you offer electronic delivery of new policy kits?

    Yes, you can elect to receive policy kits as well as certain policy forms electronically. Please contact our office if you are interested in this service.

  • How can I update policy information?

    You can update policy name, address, billing address, policy status etc. by contacting your service representative, or by submitting the change request directly to Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York at:

    Standard Security Life Ins. Co of NY
    488 Madison Avenue Suite 803
    New York, N.Y. 10022
  • Where can I get a copy of my client's bill?

    This information can be obtained by contacting your service representative or you can instantly download/print a copy by clicking here if you are a registered agent. If you are not already registered you can click here to register and print a copy.

  • Can my client get paperless billing?

    Yes, your client can receive the premium notices electronically by logging into their account on our website.

  • How do I get a 120.1 (Certificate of Insurance Coverage)?

    You can get a 120.1 instantly by clicking here with no sign on required.

  • How often are commissions paid?

    Commissions are paid monthly.

  • How does an employee file a disability claim?

    If an employee's disability begins while working, or within four weeks of their last day worked, the employee should file a completed DB450 claim form within 30 days.
    PART A is the Claimant's Statement and is for the employee to fully complete and sign.
    PART B is the Health Care Provider's Statement. The employee must have their health care provider fully complete this section which certifies that they are unable to work because of a disability.
    PART C is the Employer's Statement. The employer must fully complete Part C of the claim form providing the employee's wage and employment information.

    Once all sections are complete the employee or the employer can submit the claim to us by:

    Standard Security Life Ins. Co of NY
    P.O. Box 25339
    Farmington, N.Y. 14425

    If the employee's disability occurs more than four weeks after the last day worked and the employee is receiving NYS Unemployment Benefits the employee must file a completed DB-300 claim form ( with the Workers' Compensation Board. They should mail the completed form to:
    Workers' Compensation Board
    Disability Benefits Bureau
    328 State Street
    Schenectady, NY 12305

  • What is the maximum weekly benefit for DBL claims?

    The current DBL maximum weekly benefit is $170.00. The rate is calculated by averaging the eight weeks gross salary prior to the last day the employee works before going out on disability. If 50% of this gross weekly rate is $340.00 or above, they will make the maximum of $170.00 a week.

    Example 1: Sum of 8 weeks: $4000.00
    Average weekly wage: $500.00
    50% of average weekly wage: $250.00
    Current DBL maximum: $170.00 The rate will be $170.00


    Example 2: Sum of 8 weeks: $1952.30
    Average weekly wage: $244.04
    50% of average weekly wage: $122.02
    Current DBL maximum: $170.00 The rate will be $122.02
    *The above examples are based on a statutory DBL policy that does not have enriched weekly benefits
  • Are any taxes taken out of the employee's DBL check?

    Yes, FICA (which includes Social Security and Medicare) tax is required to be deducted from the DBL check if payable to the employee.

  • How long does it take to review a claim?

    We review all claims within four business days. We will request further information, accept or reject the claim within four business days.

  • Can an employee work from home or work part time while on DBL?

    No, the employee cannot perform any kind of work for wage or profit.

  • How long can an employee collect DBL benefits?

    The maximum benefit period for a DBL claim is 26 weeks.

  • If an employee quits, does the employer still have to submit a disability claim if they ask them to?

    Yes. If the disability date is within four weeks of the day the employee quits and the employee asks for a claim to be submitted you must comply. We will determine if the employee is eligible or not depending on the circumstances. Make sure to provide the details surrounding the separation of employment.

  • Can an employee receive no-fault benefits in addition to DBL benefits?

    Yes. In most cases, the no-fault benefit will be reduced by the DBL benefit.

  • Do I have to pay premium for my part-time employees?

    Yes, part-timers are required to be covered for DBL.