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Top Employer PFL FAQs

  • When is PFL?

    The PFL program provides wage replacement to employees to allow them to bond with a child, care for a close relative with a serious health condition or help relieve family pressures when someone is called to active military service.

  • What are qualifying events for PFL?

    Bonding An employee may file for PFL to bond with their child during the first year after birth, or during the first year after placement of an adopted or foster child. An employee may apply for family leave before the actual placement for adoption or foster care. Examples of valid reasons for leave in this scenario: to attend counseling sessions, court appearances, attorney consultations or travel to another country to complete an adoption.

    Care for a Family Member with a Serious Health Condition An employee may file for PFL to care for a close family member with a serious health condition. A close family member of the employee includes the employee's spouse, domestic partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling. A "serious health condition" is an illness, injury impairment, or physical or mental condition that involves either (a) inpatient care or (b) continuing treatment or continuing supervision by a health care provider.

    Qualifying Military Event An employee may file for PFL for a qualifying military event when a spouse, child, domestic partner, or parent of the employee is on active duty or has been notified of an impending call or order of active duty.

  • What are the eligibility requirements to file for PFL?

    Employees who regularly work 20 or more hours per week may be eligible after they have worked for at least 26 consecutive weeks. Employees who work less than 20 hours per week may be eligible after they have worked at least 175 days.  

  • Where can I get a claim form?

    You can download/print your claim form here. Also provided are detailed instructions and a claim filing requirements chart. You can also download/print the claim filing requirement charts separately.  

  • What are the benefits?

    The NYS PFL program reached the final phase of the PFL benefit implementation in 2021. For the year 2024, eligible employees will receive a portion of their weekly earnings during a qualifying leave period, subject to a New York State average weekly wage (NYSAWW) maximum, as follows:

    Year Weeks Available % of Employee Salary Up to a Maximum
    % of State
    Average Weekly Wage
    Maximum Weekly
    Benefit Payout
    1/1/2018 8 50% 50%$652.96
    1/1/2019 10 55% 55%$746.41
    1/1/2020 10 60% 60%$840.70
    1/1/2021 12 67% 67%$971.61
    1/1/2022 12 67% 67%$1,068.36
    1/1/2023 12 67% 67%$1,131.09
    1/1/2024 12 67% 67%$1,151.16


    In 2024, an employee who makes $700 a week would receive a benefit of $469 a week (67% of $700). An employee who makes $2,000 a week would receive a benefit of $1,151.16, because this employee is capped at 67% of New York State's Average Weekly Wage (NYSAWW) — currently $1,718.15. 67% of the NYSAWW for use in 2024 brings you to the $1,151.16 maximum weekly benefit.

  • Am I obligated to hold the employee's job open for them and maintain their health benefit coverage?

    Employees are guaranteed to be able to return to their job and the employer must continue their health insurance coverage. It is important to note, employees must continue to pay their portion of the premium cost while on PFL. The employer must work out those details with the employees; this will not be handled through the PFL benefit.

  • What are some of my other obligations as an employer?

    If you have an employee handbook or any written guidance for employees regarding benefits or leave rights, you must include information concerning leave under PFL; which should include their rights and obligations under PFL and how to file a claim for this benefit. If you do NOT have written policies, manuals, or handbooks you still must provide written guidance to each of your employees regarding all of the employee's rights and obligations under PFL, including information on how to file a claim.

  • Does PFL cost me anything?

    PFL is entirely employee-funded. Beginning on or after July 1, 2017, you may institute a payroll deduction to pay for the PFL benefit premium.

  • My employee is pregnant. Will they be able to receive PFL during the pregnancy?

    PFL only begins after birth. It is not available for prenatal conditions. The employee would file a DBL claim for the prenatal time period.

  • I employ non-US citizens. Can they apply for PFL?

    Yes. Citizenship status has no impact on PFL eligibility.

  • I employ undocumented workers. Can they apply for PFL?

    Yes. Immigration status has no impact on PFL eligibility.

  • Are part-timers eligible?

    An employee of a covered employer whose regular work schedule is less than 20 hours per week will become eligible to take family leave from their employer after working at least 175 days in that employment prior to the first full day leave begins.

  • I have employees that are collecting Workers' Compensation Benefits, can they apply for PFL?

    No, if they are not working and are collecting workers' compensation, they may not use PFL.

  • Can employees take PFL and use their sick and/or vacation time together so that they receive full salary?

    Yes, you can choose to allow your employees to use their sick and vacation time so they may receive full salary. If you allow them to do this, you may request reimbursement of any approved PFL benefits. You cannot require them to use their PTO.

  • How long does it take to process a claim?

    Once we receive a completed request for PFL with the necessary certification, we have 18 days to pay or deny a PFL claim.

  • Where can I get claim forms?

    Claim forms are available here for download/printing. Also provided are detailed instructions and a claim filing requirements chart. You can also download/print the claim filing requirement charts separately.

  • Where should my employee send the completed form and certification to apply for PFL?
    They can mail it to: Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York
    P. O. Box 25339
    Farmington, New York 14425
    They can email it to:
    They can fax it to: 585-398-2854

    Remind your employee to keep a copy of the claim for their records.

    If you have any claim related questions not answered here, please contact us at 1-800-477-0087 or email us at

  • Is PFL coverage mandatory?

    Yes, you are required to provide this coverage for all covered employees. You cannot opt out.

  • What is the PFL rate?

    The premium rate and maximum employee contribution for coverage beginning January 1, 2024, will be 0.373% (0.00373) of an employee's weekly wage up to and not to exceed the statewide average weekly wage. The statewide average weekly wage as of January 1, 2024 is $1,718.15.

  • How will I be billed for PFL?

    PFL and DBL will be billed separately on the same billing notice.